Acrylic Holder w/Business Card Pocket (5"X7")
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Acrylic self-standing signs with a pocket for business cards are available as a tool for team members in the field to alert those visiting the facility that the VITAS care team is present and providing care, as well as allow visitors of our patients a means of contacting the team with any questions. The insert sign can be obtained through your marketing specialist. These holders are intended to be placed in a partner facility, such as a hospital, ALF or LTC facilities at their nursing station or front desk, with the business card of the VITAS team member on site in the pocket. The use of a business card opposed to a printed number on the sign allows for the individual to place a call at their convenience. Additionally, it can also be used as a tool to support growing LTC/ALF business. The insert sign can be obtained through your marketing specialist. Click "more images" below the photo to view sample insert.

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